Faisal Laibi Sahi

March 30 – April 25, 2010



Faisel Laibi Sahi was born in 1954 Basra (Iraq)


1968 Diploma from the Institue of Fine arts, Baghdad (IRQ)
1971 Bachelor from the Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad University, Baghdad (IRQ)
1981 Diploma From the School of fine Arts, Paris (FR)
1981 Diploma in Intensive Studies, Sorbonne University, Paris (FR)

Working Experience:

1992-2003 Publisher of “Al Mejrasha”, a satirical and critical newspaper
1988-1991 Painting and drawing teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Skidida (DZ)
Member of International Journalists Union, Iraqi Artists Society, Iraqi Journalists Union,
French Artists Union, Iraqi Intellectuals League (abroad), Iraqi Artists Society in United Kingdom.
Faisel worked for most major Iraqi publications in Baghdad. He has designed many book-covers, theatre stage-sets and wrote various articles about art, literature, politics and aesthetics.

Solo Exhibitions:

2010 Boushahri Gallery, Kuwait (KW)
2007 Constantine Between Light and Dark, Hall of Constantine City Theatre, Constantine (DZ)
Homage to Whom Who Gave me Life and Love, Al Mada 5th Festival, Arbil (IRQ)
Memories and Mirrors from Iraq, Old Market Hall, La Rochelle,
2006 Sadness and Dreams, Gallery Emeraude, Annaba (DZ)
2004 The Baghdad Café, Memories of My Youth, Rona Gallery, London (UK)
2003 You Are My Country-Iraq, Oriental Art Museum,Oslo (NO)
2002 Forty Years of Painting, Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
2001 Lovers’ Tales, NorreAlle Gallery, Copenhagen (DK)
1999 O’ My Country O’ Mesopotamia, sculpture, Kufa Gallery, London (UK)
1998 Arabian Nights, Multi Cultures Gallery, Potsdam (DE)
1997 Bader AlbudoorwaQamarAlzaman (Lovers’ Tales), Gallery 47, London (UK)
1992 Apocalypse of March, Gallery 4, London
1991 Once Upon a Time (Kan Yama Kan), Kufa Gallery, London
1987 Impressions, Palace of Culture, Annaba (DZ)
1986 Arabesque, Velca Gallery, Rome (IT)
1985 Love and War, Galleria Leonardo da Vinci, Rome (IT)
1984 Forbidden Fruits, Alef Gallery, Milan (IT)
1972 Women and the Poet, inspired by QifaNabki, a poem by the pre-islamic poet Imru
1966 Studies, Cultural Directorate Gallery, Basra (IRQ)

Group Exhibitions:

1962-2008 Numerous collective exhibitions in Baghdad, Brussels, Beirut, Kuwait, Damascus, Manama, Paris, Rome, Milan, Florence, Ferrara, Barcelona, Copenhgen, Detroit, Chicago, Texas, Helsinki and Berlin

Lives and works in London (UK)