Alfredo Palmero

November 12 – 30 , 2012


Alfredo Palmero is the third generation of a lineage of artists that began with his grandfather, the Maestro Palmero, with whom he shares name and devotion for painting. From his grandfather he learned the academic background and composition to develop a realistic style.
His evolution as an artist is marked by figurative painters like Picasso, Klee and Velázquez rather than others styles or trends.
Alfredo’s Harlequins are famous as a metaphor for the artist himself and clear homage to the
Picassiana avantgarde. The series Meninas inspired by Velazquez, are in fact the exaltation of women and nature-mother-earth as the origin of life.
Palmero gives his characters that challenge the viewer looks, figures that are part of surreal
environments. Starting from the academic drawing, putting together tradition and modernity in the works of Alfredo Palmero can see a great artistic maturity fruit of ceaseless work and research, most notably the treatment of light and colour.