Art from Iran

April 19 – May 15, 2012

Artists: Salar Ahmadian, Mohammad Rahimi, Hadi Roshan Zamir, Kayvan Rahiminejad, Morteza Dare Baghi, Paiman Peiravi, Samira Nowparast, Hussein Rah Kooh & Nasser Ovissi.


Exhibition of nine artist showcase from the private collection of Mrs Mahsa Azimi.

As has been rightfully stated, the closeness, and even cultural affinity, of Iranian arts to our moods are striking . Why not? Both Arabian and Iranian peoples have consistently shared almost the same cultural roots over centuries . The Iranian arts, originated in the Persian heritage, had found in the Islamic Civilization since the 7th century a pool that conveniently offered an ideal “melting pot” that gave birth to an abundance of styles and creative methods.
Iran’s long history has been ceaselessly offering a cultural trove of inspiration to modern day artists. The multi-foliate style of Iranian arts are taking nowadays the international art circle by surprise, Those arts continue to impress the world with their originality and sophistication . The world art forums, auction houses and art galleries attest to that.
No doubt Iranian arts will definitely withstand the test of time as
always. This present exhibition attests to that too.