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Abdul Hadi Shala

November 2 – 16, 2015

Abdul Hadi Shala

Abdul Hadi Shala, Talalzatar Birthday, Triptych, 1981, 72x180cm, oil on canvas.


About Abdul Hadi Shala

1971 BA, Fine Arts College Cairo
1972 Palestinian union artist
1974 Arab union artist
1974 Member of International Association for Arts Paris –France
1998 Members of London Arts Council London – Ontario – Canada
1974 Member of General Arab Union of Arabic Artists Cairo – Egypt
1996 Member of Forest City Gallery London – Ontario – Canada
2007 Members of Arts Project London – Ontario – Canada
– Professional Artist , Graphic Designer ,Writer and cartoonist
BESSAN Newspaper – Art Director and Caricature – London, Ontario, Canada 1997-2006
Al-Fajr Al Arabi Newspaper Art Director and Caricature
London, Ontario, Canada 1999-2000
King’s College- Cartooning workshop for TESL
London, UWO 1997
The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information 1991-1995
Kuwait Institute for Science Research 1992-1995
Portrait artist for science and technology magazine
Corporation of the City of London
Sketching and drawing ,Pastel colours , Water colours
and Cartooning Instructor – London, Ontario, Canada 1999-2009
In 1968-1999 I took part in many groups’ exhibitions in following countries:
Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungry, Tokyo, Malaysia, Cyprus, Kuwait, Morocco, Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar Saudi Arabia and Canada.
2006 Artist Against war – Cube Gallery Ottawa – Canada
2006 Ramadan Exhibition – Lahd Gallery Reyad – Saudi Arabia
2004-2005 International Cartoon Exhibition Bucharest – Romania
2003 Members Exhibition”FCG”
2002 Artists against Occupaton “FCG”
2001 Open Air Project, Visual Fring – London Art Council,
2000 Small works on Paper, Forest City Gallery
1999 Harbour Front Center Toronto – Canada
1999-2003 Artistix Gallery, London – Canada
1999 Galleries@ the Galleria. London – Canada
1998 John Labatt Gallery, UWO London – Canada
Gibson gallery, London – Canada
Forest City Gallery. London – Canada
1997 Forest City Gallery (FIRST PRIZE) London – Canada
1998 Soften Gallery London – Canada
1996 Forest City Gallery (Members Exhibition)
Gibson Gallery (9th Mini Show)
1995 Gibson Gallery (8th Mini Show)
AL-SHARQA biennial UAE
1994 Cairo Biennial Egypt
1985- 2004 Abushehry Gallery Kuwait
1987 Special exhibitions (AL-EWAN Gallery) Kuwait
International Graphic Exhibitions Germany
1984 Alexandria Biennial Egypt
1983 Alef Gallery Kuwait
1980 El-Wasty Gallery Iraq
1977-1987 Kuwait Exhibitions for Arab Artist
1974 Arab Artist Biennial Iraq
1976 Arab Artist Biennial Morocco
1973-1981 General Exhibitions of Kuwait Association for Arts Kuwait
1973 Special Exhibition; National Gallery Libya
1968-1970 Various exhibitions Cairo, Egypt
The following are international bodies and prominent person who own works of my creation:
2004 Abu Shehry Gallery Kuwait
2004 Cartoon Museum (2 Cartoons) Bucharest – Romania
The following are some international bodies and prominent person and other in Middle East, Canada and Europe:
Princess Shekha Al Sabah, Diana Haskett, Mayer of London, Ontario,MP Joe Fontana
Timothy Brosnan ( 15 Paintings),Dr.Maher Abu Sido (3 Paintings)
2004 Abu shehry Gallery Kuwait
1987 Al-Ewan Gallery – 2 Paintings Kuwait
1984 Qatar Association for Arts – 3 Paintings Qatar
1984 Qatar Ministry of information Qatar
1984 Mercedes Company – 2 Paintings Germany
1984 National Gallery Jordan
1980 Modern Art Museum – 5 Paintings Iraq
1977 Kuwait Oil Company – 17 Paintings Kuwait
1973 Kuwait National Council for Culture & Arts and Literature Kuwait
1971 Certificates of Distinction-Faculty of Fine Arts
1973-1990 Various Letters of Appreciations
1973-1990 A Number of Golden and Silver Medals
1981 Golden Sail Trophy
1997 First Prize (Drawing portfolio) Forest City Gallery

4th Ceramic Group Exhibition

April 5 – May 1, 2015

Artists: Fawaz Al Duweish, Abbas Malek, Abdulaziz Al Khabaz, Saad Hamdan, Randa Eid, Sameh Al-Najjar, Fahd Al Eid, Mohammed Abdalkarim, Nasreen Omar, Mohamed Khater, Mohamed Khayed, Amal Nasser.

Saad Hamdan

Saad Hamdan

Viva Syria

March 11 – April 1, 2015

Artists: Ahmad Durak Sibai, Ahmed Moualla, Adham Ismail, Edward Shahda, Bassem Dahdouh, Barakat Arj, Boutros Al-Maari, Hammoud Chantout, Sabhan Adam, Saad Yagan, Shalabiya Ibrahim, Safwan Dahoul, Abd Al Hamid Abdullah, Abdullatif Al Smoudi, Aula Al Ayoubi, Fateh Moudarres, Fouad Dahdouh, Louay Kayali, Mohammed al Hasan Daghestani, Mohammad Ghannoum, Marwan KassabBashi, Mamdouh Kashlan, Mohannad Orabi, Nasser Nassan Agha, Nazir Ismail, Nazir Nabaa, Nizar Sabour, Nasser Chaura, Naim Ismail, Yousef Yousef.




Fateh Al Moudarres



Louay Kayali


Art Festival Heritage of Kuwait

1 – 24 February, 2015

Exhibition “Heritage of Kuwait” features 3 Kuwaiti painters. Arranged with a selection of paintings Exhibition features Kuwaiti tradional life and historical places.

1-8 February, 2015  – Ibrahim Ismail

9-16 February, 2015 – Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Fares

17-24 February, 2015 – Jassim Murad


Ibrahim Ismail



Jassem Murad



Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Fares